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Cut costs with shipping rate discounts of up to 50% through USPS:

  • Receive volume discounts regardless of how many packages you ship.
  • With Vlazoo, you're guaranteed to get the lowest shipping rates you've ever had.

Volume discount from integrated shipping services, such as USPS, UPS, FedEx

Effortlessly print shipping labels in seconds with scannable SKU number or order number

Receive refunds on unused labels

Full shipping protection under Vlazoo for UPS shipments:

  • If you have Lost or Broken packages, Vlazoo make UPS refund your full sale price and shipping costs. Guaranteed.
  • If your packages arrive late, Vlazoo will make UPS refund your full shipping costs. Guaranteed.

Complete report for sold, unsold, paid, not paid, sold/awaiting shipping etc…

See how many items was shipped, how many needs to be shipped, how many items sold received messages. Vlazoo will delay label print automatically if sold item received message. It will give you a chance to read message and change address or cancel order to avoid dispute. From Vlazoo dashboard you can communicate with a buyer as Vlazoo messages integrated on every page. Vlazoo will also send automated messages with tracking number, delivery time etc.. It will also notify buyer when item is delivered if you choose so. Easy to sort and find any item in question with smart search based on any parameter in your listing.


The Most Powerful Feature is Smart Schedule

You can schedule to list any item/items at any time or spread it with time interval. You can also create schedule for item categories to make sure same category items or same item is not going for sale at auction at the same time and you get the highest bid price. For example if you have 100 of something. Vlazoo will let you create “Buy it now” and “Auction” style listing. You can choose how many items and when to sell a day. It will update inventory accordingly. You will also have record or sale price to adjust buy it now price to sell faster and smarter.

With Vlazoo it is Easy to List an Item

You can take picture directly from laptop or desktop camera without uploading it. Just take a camera shot with your computer camera and picture will be added to your listing. Then complete listing in few easy steps. Vlazoo will also add your personal watermark to pictures. Making sure no one will use your pictures to list similar items on ebay.


SKU for you

Simply click create to give individual items a unique SKU. Use this SKU to make buy it now variations, sell the same item two, three, or more in one listing. Have the program create a SKU or manually create one yourself. Fully customaizable and easy to use, Vlazoo makes organizing inventory a breeze.

The Numbers Game

See how much of a product you have readily available, and how much of that product is either in transit, listed, or unpaid.

One Click Shows Everything

With just one click you can see every single variation of a product, it’s listing schedule, shipping information, and more.


Reply messages without typing a word

Take advantage of custom templates, to click and send the messages you send most often without typing a word. Conversation history. Print Shipping Labels, Add Inventory, Change listing schedule. Employee defect tracking and more can be done in messages.

Time Clock

With scan card or PIN code

Everything and everywhere. Know exactly what the situation with employee hours and wages is. Have an unlimited number of clocks in stations unified by one employee database. Highly customizable to fit your individual needs. Custom messages for all or particular employee. It will show and play alert when employee clock in to make your messages was read.

Your accountant will thank you!

Accountant can login to time clock from any location. Easy access to records and current standing, payroll accounting for your business saves time and money.